Monday, 12 September 2011

Nuclear Energy


Changes can occur in the structure of the nuclei of atom. These changes are called nuclear reactions. Energy created in a nuclear reaction is called nuclear power or atomic energy. Energy us produced naturally and in man made operations under human control.

  • Naturally: Some nuclear energy is produced naturally. For example, the Sun and other stars make hear and light by nuclear reactions
  • Man-made: Machines called nuclear reactors, parts of nuclear power plants, provide electricity for many cities. Man-made nuclear reactions also occur in the explosion of atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Nuclear energy produced in two different ways, in one, large nuclei are split to release energy. In the other method, small nuclei are combined to release energy.


  • Nuclear Power Plants could still produce electricity after coal and oil become scarce
  • Small source of nuclear fuel can supply energy at long time
  • Nuclear power is green energy production
  • If nuclear power plant explode, the emission of radiation very harmful to human and give very long side effect
  • To build nuclear power plant very expensive
  • Malaysia do not have specialist to handle nuclear power plant
  • The reactor also need a very safe distance from the people live

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