Monday, 12 September 2011



1. How
     - Life and energy like two element depends to each other.. Without enery, life cannot be survive.. How long it can survive? it depend on the type of living things.. Some of them like human can survive by create an alternative way to produce the energy..

     - The source of energy day for day become decreasing.. This will give many bad effect to people.. The price of energy increasing without limit and the competition to become main energy produser down.. The strong military country will start the the exploration to find new source of energy..

3. Nuclear Energy is a energy come from radioactive substance such as uranium, plutonium etc. Nowadays, non-renewable energy  such as petroleum and natural gas is a main source uses many country to produce energy. So, nuclear energy is an ideal energy source to use now because it source can produce energy for the long time..The use of nuclear energy in Malaysia nowadays not suitable yet. But, the research we can do it right now.. Now, Malaysia not suitable to use nuclear energy because Malaysia do not have a speacialist to handle it.. Before use nuclear energy, the safety precaution very important because nuclear disaster very dangerous


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